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Aaron Brooks: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Rick Phillips: Guitar, Vocals
Joe Kidd: Drums
Spider Monkey: Bass
Kevin Bjerre: Cello

About: Combining elements of psychedelia, rock, and prog, Simeon Soul Charger is rapidly becoming one of the most buzzed about bands in the Midwest. Harnessing crackling electricity, serpentine six-strings, mental electronics and moon-powered percussion, the band’s 2009 self-titled debut EP earned Simeon Soul Charger a top honor in Cleveland’s premier alternative tabloid Scene – one of 12 bands to watch in 2010 – lauding comparisons to Muse and Spiritualized.
This Midwest quartet attracts a similarly magnetic mix of glam, electronica and art-punk to its stage act. The band has become famous for throwing bizarrely awesome concerts backed by performance artists, choirs and painters, turning the stage into a theater of melody and melodrama.
In mid-April 2010, the band released the second chapter in its musical saga with the EP All Rather Dead, inviting listeners to the »Coffin Party« and »A Dance for the Moon God«, gothic alt-rock orchestras built on titanic guitar solos, symphonic suites, and multi-layered melodies.
In a year’s time the band has released two EPs, extensively toured the Midwest and east coast of the US, and most recently finished a successful 15 date German tour. The band is now slated to record a full length LP followed by a few month-long European tour. As the band evolves its musical necromancy to global occult status, we can only expect the sonic sounds of Simeon Soul Charger will grow in power, carving out their own lofty dominion in the ethereal realms of indie rock.

What Others Are Saying:
»Every once in a while, a band comes seemingly out of nowhere and makes an immediate impact with their professionalism, talent and a knack for creating amazing music. Having been in existence for less than a year but already promoting a phenomenal EP, a tour schedule, and a hypnotic live show, Simeon Soul Charger is one of those bands.«Fliprag Magazine

»On their 2009 self-titled debut EP, Simeon Soul Charger capture their distinctive cosmic gospel. For six songs, the Akron five-piece orchestrates arena rock you might associate with Muse or Spiritualized, backed by grandiose guitar sweeps, electronics, pizzicato strings and singer-songwriter Aaron Brook's operatic screams, which go from Matthew Bellamy to Jeff Buckley.«Cleveland Scene  ››› 02  ››› 03

»We’ve written about Simeon Soul Charger before and their fairly direct rock vibe was in full effect on Friday. I hadn’t seen them for a while and it was good to confirm that my original opinion was well-founded. They rock.« …– Citizen Dick (Cleveland/Brooklyn based music blog) »In an era of watered down rock and roll, Simeon Soul Charger manages to stand out as a truly great rock band. It’s good to still be able to listen to new bands that aren’t afraid to melt the audience’s face off«Buzzbin Magazine  ››› 02

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